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Simplex Information Technologies Inc.

Simplex, an Ankara University Technopolis based information technology company, is highly specialized in industrial internet apps in healthcare sector. Simplex prioritizes strategic positioning by creating a real difference in value, through enabling industrial software  platforms and apps, and to take the lead in the sector by producing products to go global.

Simplex focuses on enabling IT platforms, empowered with universal connectivity, advanced analytics, and groundbreaking medical and operational applications. These solutions deliver value by reducing costs, increase access, and improve quality outcomes for patients. Using these platforms, we aim to connect caregivers with machine data and analytics, which improve patient care, and helps drive tangible clinical, operational, and financial outcomes. Our final goal is the productivity transformation across the healthcare industry worldwide.

Some key examples to our services are teleradiology systems to increase access, clinical decision support tools for appropriate procedure selection, augmented reality systems to improve workflow and operational surveillance systems  to proactively manage the healthcare services.

Experienced and skilled management, ready to take risks, and talented and educated workforce, open to new ideas are key assets of Simplex.


Radiology Solutions

Enterprise scale teleradiology systems, Picture Archiving and Communication Systems, Radiology Information Systems, 3D Visualization and printing of 3D DICOM datasets, Teleconsultation solutions, Radiological data analytics

Mobile Solutions

P2P, IoT, IoHT, Image Processing and gamification solutions.

Virtual Reality Solutions

VR solutions for realestate, healthcare and entertainment sectors.


Our logo, the blue (tricolored) Simplex, reflects the core values with which we work: advocacy to healthcare providers for a sustainable and affordable healthcare delivery, in-depth expertise and passion in everything we do, and constant progress through innovation.

We aim to influence public policy and resource allocation decisions within political, economic, and social systems and institutions with the series of actions taken and issues highlighted to change the «what is» into a «what should be» for affordable and sustainable healthcare delivery.

Simplex aims to be acutely sensitive to customers' needs by employing creative, visionary and passionate people.

Simplex prioritizes strategic positioning by pursuing constant progress through innovation to create products to help tangible clinical, operational and financial outcomes.

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Ankara Üniversitesi Teknoloji Geliştirme Bölgesi C Blok 1. Kat No:12, 06830 Gölbaşı/Ankara Türkiye

+90 312 485 6505